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The national development and reform commission leadership to binhai new type building material group investigation project


On October 22, 2010, the national development and reform commission ring endowment company in the comprehensive utilization of vines, military, ChengHuiJiang national wall materials professional committee deputy secretary general zhao three people in a line, the provincial government JieNengBan recycling economy and clean ShengChanChu ShiPeiZhao director, accompanied by binhai building materials to study group construction waste comprehensive utilization and held a further discussion, by letter, deputy director of the committee WangChengXi, cold pavilion, deputy director of the economic zone administration committee YuJinZhong, by the secretary of WangGeShan area letter, the chairman WangLianXi accompanied.
In the discussion, the chairman WangLianXi detailed coastal building materials company to report construction waste production of new building materials for the main ingredient of the progress of the project. Military leaders seriously enough to understand the purpose of the production process, capital i


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